Star Agriwarehousing and Collateral Management Limited

Food Security

A Food Security is one of the world’s most pressing needs today. Although the world produces enough food to feed its population, an estimated one billion people go hungry every day.

Factors ranging from food wastage owing to inadequate storage and transportation infrastructure, volatility in commodity and food prices due to imbalances in demand and supply contribute to food insecurity. We believe the challenge of food security can be addressed by fostering partnerships between public and private sectors, encouraging agri-infrastructure investment, enabling open markets and supporting farmer communities in an inclusive manner.

StarAgri is proud to leverage its leadership in Indian agribusiness to tackle this complex challenge. With a business model focused on the entire food value chain - from agricultural post production to consumption – we’re outlining innovative strategies to improve farmer incomes and maximize food supplies in partnership with local farmer communities.

Here’s how StarAgri’s actions at the ground level are contributing to food security

  • We’re improving the supply chain infrastructure to reduce post-harvest losses and wastage as a crucial step towards food security
  • We’re making post-harvest markets more efficient to ensure that people have access to the food they need, at prices they can afford
  • We’re facilitating reliable markets to sell crops and realize better prices as incentives for farmers to continue production year-on-year
  • We’re facilitating farmers’ access to finance because the world’s food supply depends on their efforts