Star Agriwarehousing and Collateral Management Limited

Our Commitments

As a leading Indian agribusiness, we believe sustainability is our responsibility and guides our approach to business. We care about how our actions impact our planet, and we’re serious about our commitment to sustainable and inclusive business practices.

We have identified four areas that represent the biggest challenges and opportunities for our work in this direction.

  • Food

    Being a positive driver of food security around the world

  • Farmer Empowerment

    Raising farmers and rural communities from poverty to prosperity, enabling them lead better lives

  • Responsible Operations

    Sustainably and responsibly managing our value chain

  • Environmental Stewardship

    Reducing our carbon footprint

We understand the pressing need to empower farmers and achieve food security. This coupled with the awareness that we can make the world better and a more inclusive place by bringing the necessary step-change in agriculture is the driving force behind our sustainability strategy.