Star Agriwarehousing and Collateral Management Limited

Advantage Bharat

Despite its declining share in India's GDP, agriculture remains a dominant sector of the economy and continues to play a vital role in driving India's economic growth. Over two-third of India's population lives in villages and a majority of the rural population depends on agriculture and allied activities for livelihood.

Nonetheless, with the higher-than-expected-growth in the agriculture sector and increased purchasing power translating into consumption, a rural strategy presents an opportunity that businesses cannot ignore in their growth plans. Translating this opportunity into profits requires collaboration and partnerships across industry silos.


Put simply, there is a need to spur innovative partnerships for distribution solutions to extend the last-mile reach economically and capture the enormous business opportunities presented by the rural consumer and financial outreach.

Leveraging its unrivalled rural penetration and farmer linkages to reach untapped geographies of India, StarAgri is well positioned to ride on the rural opportunity while serving the larger cause of financial inclusion.