Star Agriwarehousing and Collateral Management Limited

Message from the CMD

We have made international expansion a priority because of its potential for far-reaching impact and strong role in contributing to global food security.

The world food crisis is increasingly putting pressure on the global supply chain. Strengthening the agriculture sector, empowering farmers and adding value to commodities are critical in addressing the need for food security in a sustainable manner.

Today, lack of access to modern post harvest technology, inadequate storage infrastructure and missing linkages between post harvest downstream activities trap farmers in emerging agri-economies in a cycle of subsistence. StarAgri provides affordable solutions to address these critical constraints. StarAgri’s strategy is to build a resilient integrated agribusiness model that encompasses the entire value chain of the agricultural post harvest management from warehousing to collateral financing, procurement and testing.This sets us apart from our industry peers and, underpinned by an entrepreneurial and value-driven mind-set, allows us to create value and maximize opportunities throughout the post harvest cycle.

We understand that innovation is the key to our growth. We are, therefore, committed to investing in research and development and applying our expertise along with new thinking and techniques to address the needs and priorities of farmers and buyers alike. Dealing with agri-credit, we lay great emphasis on robust risk management to create a business with predictable outcomes.

We are expanding our private ‘mandi’ programme to reach out to more farmers to acquire scale to service the needs of global commodity players, traders and food and FMCG companies. In the next 18 months we are planning to set up offices across key global commodity centres for buyers across Asia, Europe and USA as part of our near-to-the-customer strategy. Additionally, we want to enter international markets similar to India where we can roll out our warehousing and collateral management services, especially in Africa.

We believe increasing resource efficiency not just from the agribusiness perspective but on behalf of the wider society will be a giant step towards developing an accord with the global farming community. It will give the world a sustainable platform to progress towards food security, financial inclusion and rural prosperity.